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Featured Business
Barry Grant
Advertising & Marketing
LiveCommunities , Bashaw Ab
Linking Communities with a focus on local small business - A Business Directory with tools that are helpful to customers and allow businesses to tell their story. Join the business network, ask about a business profile on PonokaLive.
Featured Business
Darren and Carrie Pearson
Food & Beverage
Bashaw Meats & Sausage Ltd.
4903 51 Avenue , Bashaw Ab
Bashaw Meats And Sausage prides itself on quality and service. Offering over 50 varieties of homemade products, fresh cut meats and deli.
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I really enjoy hearing and learning about the unique ways business owners run their businesses.  Its then a challenge to find ways to communicate that wisdom on LiveCommunities so everyone can hear the story.
-- Barry Grant - LiveVentures
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Monday, August 2, 2021THE COMMUNITY LOOPBashaw Meats & Sausage Ltd. - Charcuterie Boards - Make your own, we have what it takes.LiveVentures - BashawLive - Welcome to BashawLive. A local business community.LiveVentures - New Ticker Module - Learn about new products and services in the Bashaw area. Smile and have a great day!
Local Business Community
'Online Business Network'
Local Business Community
'Online Business Network'